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Septic & Excavating Services
Clemens has over 30 years of experience repairing, installing and maintaining septic systems. We also specialize in a wide range of excavating needs such as grading, trenching and pipe work.
Septic Services
On-lot septic system installations
Clemens can guide you through the process of installing a new septic system
We can help you become familiar with township and county guidelines
We can also help you schedule the soil specialists who test your soil and design your system
We can then provide pricing for the septic system recommended for your individual situation by the soil specialists and have it installed
Complete and thorough septic system and sand mound pump outs
We empty and clean out septic tanks, cesspools, sand mounds, pump tanks and holding tanks
Our knowledgeable and courteous technicians will pump out your tank and inspect your baffles and overall condition of your tank
If your home utilizes a sand mound we will clean your pump tank, and check the pump, floats and wiring
If you do not know where your access lid is located, our technicians can locate that for you as well
We can dig and will use our mini-excavator to excavate for lids that are 12 inches deep or more
We will also send you a pump out reminder to remind you when it's time to schedule your next pump out
Septic system maintenance and repairs
Concrete extensions can be installed to bring your main access lid closer to ground level
Inlet and outlet baffle repairs
Broken, clogged or crushed pipe repairs
Distribution box repairs/replacements
Sand mound repairs
Line Jetting
Repair or replace pumps and pump floats
Excavating Services
Trenching/Pipe work
Sewer and water line repairs
Concrete demolition and removal
Site excavation
Stone driveways and extensions
Public sewer hookups
We work in conjunction with many plumbers, general contractors and electricians in our area
Free consultations and estimates

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